Oldham Engineering Installations is an experienced installation company, who specialise in the installation of conveyors, materials handling and process plant. Oldham Engineering Installations formed in May 1992 utilising an experienced management team and core staff from a company that formed in 1979 ensuring that there is more than 35 years experience within the company management team.

Experts in Conveyor Installations across many applications…

Oldham Engineering Installations main market sectors were originally the Automotive and Bulk Handling industries. Around the mid 1990’s Oldham Engineering Installations started to expand more of its business into the distribution centres. Oldham Engineering Installations are still working with some of these clients such as Dematic then Mannesmann Demag.

Over the past 20 years Oldham Engineering Installations has moved in to various market sectors within new industries from Recycling Plants to Airport ULD Handling Systems.

Some of Oldham Engineering Installations current sectors include:

  • Distributions Centres – Tote and pallet systems including sorters, goods to man stations, pick to light, ASRS, multishuttles and miniload systems.
  • Airports – Baggage handling conveyors, check-in conveyors and desks, baggage-screening systems, make up carousels, reclaim carrousels, ULD handling system, ULD storage solutions.
  • Parcel Handling – Transport conveyors, sorters, chutes, slides, glacis, plough diverts and skewed roller diverts.
  • Automotive – EMS mono rails, powered roller beds, chain transfer conveyors, belt under roller conveyor, 458, 678 & 998 power and free conveyors, E8 and F8 chain overhead conveyors, inverted power and free conveyors, double post & four post elevator / drop sections, turn tables and track side man-rider conveyors.
  • Food & Pharmaceutical – Silo, blower units, pneumatic handling pipework, mixers, weight hoppers, granulators, screens, sifters, cone mills and blenders.
  • Bulk Handling – Trough belt conveyor, vibrating screens, weigh conveyors, bunker house, silos, hoppers, crushers, mixers, screw conveyors and radial conveyors.
  • Recycling – Trough belt conveyor, BRU units, granulators, shredders, drum separators, trommel separators, electro magnetic separators, wet and dry cyclones, heavy water separators, vibrating screens, screw conveyors and weigh hoppers.

Oldham Engineering Installations appreciate that to many clients, the main people seen on site are their contractors. With this in mind all our labour on site wear corporate clothing, all our vehicles carry the company livery and the tools and equipment are kept in good service and order, including all health and safety testing. Oldham Engineering Installations understand that we represent the client on site and as such pride ourselves in providing the very best working methods, equipment and labour to ensure that top quality work is produced within the installation schedule and price.

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