Oldham Engineering Installations are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a mechanical installation contract from Dematic Ltd. for JD Williams, Shaw – Project Sapphire.

The project started on Monday 13th July 2015 and will be running consistently for 20 weeks on site. During this time OEI will be completing the installation of a new tote handling and storage system, using a team of 21 engineers at peak times in the programme.

Following discussions of poor access into the building, Oldham Engineering Installations have also been employed to control all on-site logistics, as a separate contract. This involves supplying a team of multi-skilled engineers dedicated to the offloading and lifting into the building, of all on-site contractors equipment and materials. OEI are also controlling the crane operations, using our in-house CPCS appointed persons, for preparing the paperwork and supervision required for these bespoke lifts.

The conveyor types and equipment, which will be installed as part of this project, include but are not limited to the following:

• Roller & Belt Conveyors.
• Accumulation Conveyors.
• Curves & Junctions.
• Diverts & Merges.
• Modifications and enhancements to existing system (various brands).
• Waste Conveyors.
• Waste Chutes.
• Nerak Tote Lowerators.
• Gen II Tote Elevators.
• Stepovers, Fencing Etc.
• Pneumatic actuation air lines.

Oldham Engineering Installations give their clients the opportunity to cherry pick any individual or multiple parts of the services we provide; this allows us to tailor their requirements to best suit their needs. OEI will pull out all the stops in order to offer their clients a complete on site solution. We have been able to assist Dematic at JD Williams with on-site management and organisation including eliminating the need for expensive contract lifts, by providing detailed lifting plans, method statements and risk assessments for the project within our fixed prices.

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