Combined Mechanical & Electrical Installations

Oldham Engineering Installations have been working closely with Levertech Engineering Services since 2009. Together we offer combined packages to clients, providing them with a single point of contact for both Mechanical and Electrical installation. The combined service can produce cost savings with regard to hired in plant and site establishment as often both trades use the same equipment. The combined service also helps to reduce the lost time on site as the two trades work together to co-ordinate each parties activities. As two separate companies our clients benefit from double the management resources.

Our combined Electrical and Mechanical Installations include:

  • Full fixed price installation with all labour tool and equipment included.
  • Fixed price installation with the client supplying all hired in equipment.
  • Supply of labour under client’s supervision.
  • Supply of labour under Oldham Engineering Installations supervision.
  • Supply of labour under Levertech Engineering Services supervision.

Expert Mechanical and Electrical Contractors

Oldham Engineering Installations and Levertech Engineering Services are a pairing that has come together through working along side each other for various clients, over many years. Whilst working together it became apparent that both companies had a similar values and views on how to work on site. This led to an agreement being made between the directors of Oldham Engineering Installations and Levertech Engineering Services, to work together to better assist clients and produce a more rounded service.

Recent Installation Case Studies