Design, Fabrication & Installation

Oldham Engineering Installations have been offering the design, fabrication and installation of steelwork components and structures for over 10 years. Oldham Engineering Installations have the capability to complete a site survey and develop a design bespoke to our customers’ specifications. Once the site survey is complete an AutoCad drawing is produced, this design is then issued back to the client for approval. With approval in place the design will be detailed and calculated.

Design, Fabrication and Installation of Steelwork Structures

Oldham Engineering Installations use trusted structural engineers for all calculations and an external fabrication company to produce larger fabrications. With the design, calculations and fabrication completed, the installation is undertaken using the on-site teams. This allows Oldham Engineering Installations to provide clients with a complete package for all their on-site requirements. Oldham Engineering Installations understand the importance of developing a design to suit requirements with a keen eye on the budget and timescale of the project. This has lead to pre-making structures off site, that simply bolt together to help reduce the site down time.

Different types of Installations:

Oldham Engineering Installations has recently undertaken the design, fabrication and installation of:

  • Portal Frame Penthouse in an Existing Concrete Building
  • Water Separation Systems including 4 off 8,650 litre tanks
  • Conveyor Support Structures
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Process Plant Slurry Applicator
  • Cyclone Supports
  • Conveyor Discharge Chutes
  • Conveyor Inlet Chutes
  • Stair Cases
  • Ladders (Ship and Cat)
  • Walkways
  • Platforms
  • Machine Guarding and Protection
  • Custom Handrailing and Kickflat
  • Access Prevention Equipment
  • On Site Steelwork Modifications / Enhancements

With the design and fabrication coupled along side the combined mechanical and electrical installation, Oldham Engineering Installations can manage and complete any project, offering their clients the complete package and one point of contact.

Recent Installation Case Studies