Automotive Conveyors

Oldham Engineering Installations have been working in the automotive industry for over 20 years. Over the years Oldham Engineering Installations have installed various types of conveyors in all aspects of the automotive industry from Body Stamping, Body in White, Paint Shop, PTA and Engine Plants. This work has been undertaken for various companies including Dürr, Exmac, Comau, Vale Automation, Daifuku Europe and Bleichert. Oldham Engineering Installations have had many successful Installations at companies such as; Jaguar LandRover, Bentley, Ford Motor Co, Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

Automotive Conveyors and Automotive Conveyor Systems

Oldham Engineering Installations have undertaken the mechanical installation of most automotive industry systems, including but not limited to:

  • Single Strand and Twin Strand In-floor Steel Slat Conveyors.
  • In-floor Steel Slat Conveyors for Suspension and Engine Build Lines.
  • Facia Panel Build On-floor Carousels.
  • Powered Roller Accumulation Conveyors.
  • Powered Roller Beds.
  • Cross Transfer Conveyors (Chain and Belt).
  • Lift and Park Tables (Air or Electric Lift Mechanisms).
  • Scissor Lifts.
  • Pneumatic Controls and Pipe Work
  • EMS Mono Rails
  • 458, 678 & 998 Power and Free Overhead Conveyors.
  • E8 and F8 Chain Overhead Conveyors.
  • Inverted Power and Free Conveyors.
  • Double Post & Four Post Elevator / Drop Sections.
  • Turn Tables.
  • Track Side Man-rider Conveyors.
  • Engine Stuff-up Units and Associated Conveyors.
  • Wheel and Tyre Delivery Systems.
  • Track Side Manipulators for Seats, Doors etc.

Oldham Engineering Installations know what is involved in a fast paced shutdown and understand the almost uniquely, intense environment that this period creates. Through a team of flexible on site engineers Oldham Engineering Installations are able to offer 24 hour and weekend working to ensure that the clients’ deadlines are always met.

Recent Installation Case Studies