Parcel & Flyer Conveyors

Oldham Engineering Installations understand the logistics of the distribution industry and in particular the need to optimise delivery times to meet the demands of the customer and the competition. Our clients work with some of the biggest names in parcel and flyer distribution to provide solutions to suit their individual needs.

Oldham Engineering Installations have completed successful and repeat installations with clients including Sovex, Vanderlande, Dematic and Viking Trailers for distributors such as DHL, DPD, Royal Mail, TNT, Yodel, HDNL and Geopost in various global locations.

Conveyor Systems for Sorting and Distribution Applications

Oldham Engineering Installations have undertaken the mechanical installation of most Parcel and Flyer systems, including but not limited to:

  • Gravity Roller Conveyors.
  • Lineshaft (Fixed and Mobile).
  • ZLP Accumulating Roller Conveyor (Belt Under Roller & Motorised Roller).
  • Padded Chain Conveyor.
  • Slider, Transport and Collector Belt Conveyors.
  • Powered Belt and Roller Curves.
  • Roller & Belt Merge Units.
  • Ploughs (Fixed & Powered).
  • Transfer Conveyors including; Skewed Roller, Pop up Belt Transfers and Chain Transfers.
  • Chutes & Glacis.
  • Sorters including; Tilt Tray (Chain & Linear Motor Driven), Shoe, Bomb-Bay, Cross Belt.
  • Spiralveyors (Apollo, Astec and Amberflex).
  • Parcel Handling Units / Manipulators (Vaculift).
  • Pneumatic Controls & Pipe Work.

Oldham Engineering Installations understand the importance of achieving deadlines and believe that it is one of the key elements along with quality, health and safety to produce a successful installation. Oldham Engineering Installations take pride in offering first class workmanship with diverse and experienced installation teams who are always willing to ensure that all projects run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Recent Installation Case Studies